Alex and Ani: Endless Knot Charm Bangle


Wisdom. Compassion. Destiny. These are what represent the endless knot, or to some, better known as the eternal knot. I’ve had my eye on Alex and Ani bangles for a while. I think they’re perfect in every aspect; how each piece of their jewelry has a meaning or representation that can be worn to embody one’s mood or spirit. For my first Alex and Ani bangle I decided to get the Endless Knot, for many reasons actually. One reason being I love adding to my jewelry collection. I’m so obsessed with jewelry lol. Another reason being that I loved the meaning behind this particular bangle.

Representing the interweaving and ever-changing spiritual path, the endless knot expresses boundless wisdom and compassion. It illustrates an eternal pattern in its design, connecting one’s destiny bound by time and change. Wear the Endless Knot Charm to remind you of life’s journey and the entanglements of faith.

– Alex and Ani website

I’ve always been a believer of letting things happen on their own. In fact, remembering all the times in which I dared to force things to happen my own way, I realize they never turned as positively as I once imagined. “What’s meant to be, will be.” is something I believe in. And this is something that the Endless Knot exemplifies. It is something I’ll be wearing quite often from now on, just to remind myself of all things concerning wisdom, compassion, and destiny.

Outfit Details:

Pants: Uniqlo

Watch: Michael Kors

Alex and Ani bangle: Nordstrom

Bracelets: Forever 21 and Icing

Kimono: Love Culture