REVIEW : Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita’

The ever popular shade ‘Lolita’ in Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick range is something I’m so happy to say that I finally got my hands on. After anticipating for it to be restocked in stores and online for about 2-3 weeks, I now get to do a full review on this amazing product. Lolita is known to be their best selling shade. It is a beautiful dusty rose color; I’d say it’s pink, red, and brown all mixed together. I feel like this shade looks beautiful on any skin tone. It can be worn as an everyday shade for those who are medium or tan in skin tone like I am, or even full on glam on any skin tone to be honest. It all depends on the makeup look that you’re going for and the products you pair this liquid lipstick with.



So I wanna say that I found this product miraculously at a Sephora inside JCPenny. When I went, there were just two left on the rack. I was so surprised because this shade is never on the rack, so you know your girl grabbed this product and ran to the register to pay lol.


Here are a couple swatches without flash and with flash. I do want to say that these swatches are true to color. I tried to take these photos near natural light, but I mean then again it’s all about perspective. So how I view the swatches may not be how you view them. But anyways, this was my first liquid lipstick. I decided to get this one day when I tried it on in the store and I loved how it looked on me. The formula is amazing, it’s full coverage and goes on liquidy and kind of creamy but then it dries to a matte finish. I’ve always only loved matte lipsticks, so this is perfect. What I did notice though was that it doesn’t have too long of a longevity. I mean without eating or drinking with this lipstick on, it may last about 3-5 hours until it starts to fade a bit. Well to be honest it depends on how often you lick your lips too, and I’m one of those people who tend to lick their lips a lot so of course this lipstick doesn’t last as long as I would like. I personally don’t like to carry makeup with me in my purse when I go out either, so reapplying is out of the question for me lol. But a neat trick that I started doing to increase the longevity was to apply a lipliner before applying this product. Fortunately, I own a lipliner shade that’s almost the same exact shade as Lolita! It’s called ‘Beurre’ by MAC.



So that is how the lipliner looks, and I even have swatches of it next to Lolita. The similarity between them two is so impressive.



The thin swatch on top is the Beurre lipliner by MAC and the one on the bottom is Kat Von D’s Lolita. Applying Beurre all over your lips right before Lolita is key because they are almost identical in color and also because lipliners increase the long wear of lipsticks. With Beurre under Lolita, the longevity is almost 6-8 hours, which is perfect for me because I never wear my makeup longer than 8 hours. It even lasts if you lick your lips often, or also stays on if you have a meal or a beverage. What a lot of people don’t know is that lipliners don’t have to be applied only to the rim of your lips. They can be applied all over the lips instead for a more full coverage and longer lasting look.


And here is an awkward photo of how this lip combination looks on me lol. It’s not the best photo but I wanted to show you guys how it would look on my skin tone. Since I purchased Lolita a week or two ago, this lip combination has been part of my everyday or my go-to look. I would describe this as the perfect 90’s lip shade look. If you don’t own Beurre or Lolita I suggest you get either/or, but I absolutely recommend that you get both!

‘Beurre’ can be purchased at any Mac retail store, their website, or any department store such as Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s that has a MAC counter.

‘Lolita’ can be purchased on the Sephora website or any of their retail stores.

*Disclaimer* – This product review was in no way sponsored by any of the brands or products that were mentioned in this post. All thoughts are my own and true beliefs.